How can I improve SEO in Joomla?


by maiya , in category: Marketing , 3 years ago

How can I improve SEO in Joomla?

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by rickey_sauer , 3 years ago

There are definite cons with SEO and Joomla. While your professionals choose not to use Joomla, there are around two million users that do. Some web builders find Joomla's SEO tools helpful, while others have trouble with it. For those who are not all that familiar with SEO and marketing software, Joomla will not be a good first choice.

Another drawback for Joomla is how often this software updates requiring the use of more extensions. This could also cause your website not to work correctly. When using Joomla, use the most updated version and extensions. Be certain to also install any security extensions provided. This is important to protect any and all data stored on your site, and computer. Be sure to clean up all links because easy to read and clean URLs are important for search engine rankings. Another great tool is the Gzip Compression because it compresses files before sending them to receivers. Search engines will use zipped files based on the fact it allows websites to load quicker. Follow these simple tips and enjoy Joomla SEO for no other reason than it's free for users to take advantage of.