How do I make my Angular site SEO friendly?

by rickey_sauer , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

How do I make my Angular site SEO friendly?

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by ashtyn , 3 years ago

Maximize your Angular website performance with 6 simple SEO techniques

Here are the top 6 guaranteed ways to make your Angular website SEO friendly:

  • Use keywords as your primary focus to build upon to make your Angular site rank better. The proper use of keywords drives traffic and subsequent leads to your page. When you select your topic, that is your keyword. Always put the essential keyword in the title.
  • A responsive website with content that readily adapts to all electronic screen sizes is crucial for an optimal experience for site users. Without it, site visitors will move to a competitor's site that meets their screen's needs.
  • Use clickable anchor text to create internal links to higher-ranked websites to have your content indexed and discovered.
  • Your first 150 characters serve as your page's descriptive metadata in Google's search query. It gives a quick summary of your page. Make it count with proper keyword usage.
  • Improve first impressions by breaking up walls of text. Increased readability keeps users engaged and likely to remain on your website. Stick to 2-3 sentences per paragraph instead of the traditional five or six. Utilize headers and bulleted lists and always choose the appropriate font size (16 pt and above), colors, and backgrounds.
  • Compress large-size images to help improve the load time and speed of your page. Slow-to-load images are an immediate turn-off for leads.

Using these proven methods will ensure that your Angular website will be SEO optimized and rank among the best on Google.