How to use service/providers in Ionic?

by trycia.jones , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

How to use service/providers in Ionic?

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1 answer

by bria_metz , 3 years ago

Services play an important role in Ionic framework as they provide information to our application and perform various tasks for us. ConnectivityMonitor, SimpleAlert, data, GoogleMaps, etc. are some of the services which are built in ionic framework. There are few concepts which are to be kept in mind while creating a service. Importing a service, adding a provider to it, and injecting it is the most important thing. The services should be imported in the classes where they are to be used. When it is injected inside a constructor, a new member variable is created which can be accessed from anywhere within the class. A provider can be added in a service by two ways. Either it can be added to an individual component, or it can be added globally to the application when bootstrapping the root component.