What are the new features of Angular 2?

by rickey_sauer , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

What are the new features of Angular 2?

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by mitchell , 3 years ago

Angular 2 is a platform that encompasses a wide range of capabilities. Some new features were added in Angular 2 which includes:

  • Universal server rendering- It is the library which is used to make building universal apps a smooth experience. It is an important feature of Angular 2.
  • A mobile toolkit- It provides all the mobile toolkit and techniques to build high-performance mobile applications. The web applications which are developed using the mobile toolkit can be loaded on any device with or without internet connection which is a great advantage.
  • A command line interface-it can generate components, routes, services, and pipes with the help of commands.
  • Data binding- data binding has been improved in Angular 2. So, whatever DOM element property you need to bind, you just wrap it in square brackets. E.g.-
    <img[src]='product.image' />
  • Modular- various modules have been removed from angular’s core, which has resulted in better performance.
  • Modern- Angular 2 has been targeted as modern browsers in which various hacks that make angular harder to develop have been removed.