What industries will boom in 2021?


by sidney , in category: Economics , 3 years ago

What industries will boom in 2021?

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by tyrel_franecki , 3 years ago
Online businesses and mobile delivery have been on the rise ever since their creation as many find them convenient. Last year, more people relied on online shopping than ever before, and new customers might not go back to the old ways of in-person shopping.

All things green have become trendy. After the avoidable yet devastating power outages across the country this winter, many are looking for alternatives. This isn't limited to just green energy. Consumers are more aware in the internet age and are more likely to seek out products made ethically. For example, cruelty-free and makeup not tested on animals has become more of a selling point.

Travel is also predicted to boom in 2021. After lockdowns, people will "revenge travel" in hoards. Even people who do not normally travel to take vacations will be planning one. Airlines, hotels, resorts, theme parks and tourist attractions will experience growth this year, and probably the next couple of years before returning to a "normal" level.