What is Selenium? What are different Selenium components?

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What is Selenium? What are different Selenium components?

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by kade.hermiston , 3 years ago

Selenium is one of the most used automated testing packages. Selenium was made in a way to to guide and inspire automation testing of practical aspects of web based applications and also a wide array of browsers and platforms. Because of its being in the open source community, it has become among the very most accepted tools amongst the screening specialists.Selenium is not only one tool or a utility, rather a program of several testing resources and for the same reason it’s called a Suite. Every one of these programs is designed to cater different testing and evaluation environment conditions.

The suite package makes up of the following sets of resources:

  1. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Selenium IDE is a record and playback application. It is distributed as a Firefox Plugin.
  2. Selenium Remote Control (RC) Selenium RC is a host that allows user to create test scripts in a desired programming language. In addition, it enables executing test scripts inside the big spectrum of browsers.
  3. Selenium WebDriver WebDriver is not the same instrument totally that has numerous advantages over
  4. Selenium RC. WebDriver immediately communicates with all the browser and uses its native compatibility to automate.
  5. Selenium Grid Selenium Grid is utilized to distribute your test execution on several platforms and environments concurrently.