What is the difference between CSS and CSS3 ?


by maiya , in category: Design , 3 years ago

What is the difference between CSS and CSS3 ?

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by rickey_sauer , 3 years ago

CSS3 is upgraded version of CSS with new future like Selectors, Box Model, Backgrounds and Borders, Text Effects,2D/3D Transformations, Animations, Multiple Column Layout, User Interface etc.

Below I have listed some difference between CSS and CSS3


  • CSS is the basic version so it doesn’t support responsive design, and cannot handle media queries.
  • CSS cannot split into varied modules
  • CSS is comparatively slower than CSS3
  • The user cannot create 3D transformations and animations using CSS
  • It has old and standard colors.
  • It doesn’t have any box-sizing tool. The user has to follow the standard procedures to align the text.
  • CSS or cascading style sheets is the key element for web designing. Both CSS and CSS3 is more or less the same thing i.e. both are web designing tools.

CSS 3:

  • CSS3 supports responsive design, and can also handle media queries. This feature adds entirely new responsive design capabilities to the CSS repertoire.
  • Css3 can split into modules.
  • It is faster than all its previous versions
  • The user can easily create 3D transformations, transitions, and animations using CSS3. For the very first time, elements can move on screen without the help of Flash code or JavaScriopt. Elements can also change their size and color.
  • New colors have been added in CSS3. It supports RGBA, HSLA, HSL and gradient colors. Another achievement for CSS3 is that it can now support the effect of rounded image corners.
  • All the alignment problems are now fixed by the Box- Sizing tool. This tool allows its user to get the right size for their element without having to subtract dimensions for padding and borders.
  • CSS3 is nothing but an upgraded version of CSS. Just like HTML5 is an upgraded version of the basic HTML. This version comes with the above-mentioned features and hence is a better tool for web designing.