What is the major difference between Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl?

by bria_metz , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

What is the major difference between Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl?

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by zella , 3 years ago

Here are a few considerable differences:

  • Zend_Auth utilizes the method like OpenID, LDAP, and HTTP to provide the confirmation, while Zend_Acl utilizes Access Control List for approval.
  • Zend_Auth gives the validation protocol to the clients utilizing numerous methods whereas; Zend_Acl is utilized for approval purpose.
  • Zend_Auth confirm checking and providing the certifications to the client’s system, though Zend_Acl utilizes the list of parts that are being implemented just the individuals who are approved to it.
  • Zend_Auth supports the authentication stages features, whereas in Zend_Acl supports the propelled definitions with features of different legacy and other similar highlights.
  • Zend_Auth gives an environment to the framework through which user that is authenticated for utilize, whereas in Zend_Acl plays out a few tasks on the particular assets that need to be composed on the system.