What is the procedure for processing a flat file with fixed length layout?

by garnet.barrows , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

What is the procedure for processing a flat file with fixed length layout?

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by aaliyah , 3 years ago

A layout of the file with fixed length ought to incorporate the record name, where the field starts; its length; and its information type (typically content or number). In some cases, the end position is provided, while for cases when that it is not provided, you need to figure the end position of each field dependent on its starting position and length in the event that it is required by your ETL instrument.

In most ETL apparatuses, you in all likelihood need to physically enter the document format of the level record once. After the design is entered, the apparatus recalls the format and expects that equivalent format each time it interfaces with the genuine level record. On the off chance that the document design changes or the information move off its appointed positions, the ETL procedure must be modified to fall flat.

When preparing fixed length level documents, endeavor to approve that the places of the information in the record are exact. A fast check to approve the positions is to test any date (or time) field to ensure it is a substantial date. On the off chance that the positions are moved, the date field in all likelihood contains alpha characters or unreasonable numbers. Different fields with unmistakable spaces can be tried similarly. XML offers increasingly solid approval capacities. On the off chance that information approval or consistency is an issue, endeavor to persuade the information supplier to convey the information in XML design.