What is Traceur Compiler?

by oda.tromp , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

What is Traceur Compiler?

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by dejon , 3 years ago

Traceur is a compiler which takes ECMAScript and compiles it down to regular Javascript that runs in your browser. Traceur can be used in several ways like- typing or pasting the ES6 code into the read-eval-print-loop page, or by including traceur in the web page and compiling ES6 code content on the fly, or many other ways. Even traceur is written in ES6, compiled to ES5. The main goal of a traceur compiler is to inform the designs of Javascript features and allows us to write the code in a better manner. Nowadays, traceur compilers are broadly used in Angular 2 platform. It also supports transpilling and type checking via type annotations.