Why is SQL better than Excel?


by kenny , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

Why is SQL better than Excel?

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by cristobal , 3 years ago

SQL is a much faster and more efficient version of Excel. A table in SQL can handle millions of rows and analyze data in minutes or even seconds. When using SQL, your data can be analyzed using queries that can easily be stored. This way, anyone who wants to search for or run the same report can easily do so.

SQL is a fully functional database that allows you to store not only a huge volume of data but also interlink tables. The server can be accessed simultaneously lead by multiple users over a network instead of having everyone trying to share the same Excel spreadsheet.

SQL also connects to applications by the use of programming languages. This allows companies or individuals to display data easily online or manipulate their databases to achieve the desired result. SQL provides easy data searching and extraction compared to Excel making it a strong option for data.