Why use Vue.JS instead of JavaScript?

by cristobal , in category: Technology , 3 years ago

Why use Vue.JS instead of JavaScript?

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by bailey_conroy , 3 years ago

We have all used JavaScript in some point in our lives but, have you tried Vue.Js? While JavaScript can be a beast at its own, Java is like a alphabet compared to Vue.Js. Compare Vue.Js as a phase book that enables any programmer to construct mind changing sentences for communication.

It is a open source progressive work frame. This design is meant to be adoptable. Vue.Js was developed to take the best parts about Angular and customize a tool around this. Vue.Js mainly to build web interfaces, page applications. This means it can be applied to desktop and mobile, making it a favored front end tool. Vue.Js is extremely flexible that it can operate with CBA(Component Based Architecture).

In all it offers these pros..

  • Light Weight.(Tiny fame)
  • No Brainer. You don't need a expert level to understand, only basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Be the Tool. Your equipped to debug your own tools.
  • Community. There are multiple guides to help you along as well as people.
  • DOM-inant. This figures the required updating and information without re-rendering.
  • Two faced. Connected between model data and user interface.
  • Divide/Conquer. No need to divide certain files into separate ones.